Resources for families, kids and creatives

It’s a bit crazy out there! How do we handle the self-isolation period?

The Coronavirus pandemic now involves individuals and families having to self-quarantine to “flattened the curve” of infectious rates.  Schools, daycare and various organizations and activities have shut down or moved to doing work remotely. Here in the Lehigh Valley all schools and some organizations are closed till the end of March, 2020.

What can families do while in self isolation? As a mother of three children, I value the resources that can offer some sort of reprieve to the self-isolation issues

There are a lot of online resources to help families, kids and those in creative business navigate these uncertain times while in quarantine. Here is a list of various online activities and free stuff being offered. I am not affiliated in any way or receive any compensation from them.

For Children


Free Culinary Kit

Amid balancing online school assignments, those seeking a helping hand in balancing fun activities will welcome these culinary kits from Raddish.  It is a culinary subscription kit for kids, however, starting today Raddish is giving away a free kit with content and recipes your kids can make and enjoy. The kit is called Swedish Eats, it combines the dishes and flavors we love from Sweden. No longer applicable as of 2021

Educational resources

Many education programs are available online and most are during this extended period of isolation due to the COVID-19 virus, most are free to sign up.


Buncee supports and helps with remote /online learning, to keep communication lines with families, kids, and educators open. They are offering free Buncee Classroom accounts during this period so that students can continue their learning and educational studies. You can go here for more information

Mystery Science Remote Science Learning

My kids are always curious about science and how the world is around them. This site, Mystery Science offers free science lessons for remote learning. They have some lessons already on the site or you can sign up for a free account during this time.

Vooks Storybooks

This site offers a kid-safe streaming library of read-aloud, animated storybooks. Very excited about this site as my kids are avid readers. They are offering a free month to parents and a free year to teachers and homeschooling educators. You can fill out the form here.

Scholastic Learn at Home

One of the great resources I came across while researching remote learning tools was Scholastic Learn at Home. They have broken the learning into grade categories so that your child will keep pace and maintain the curriculum that is taught at their schools. I used this with my preschooler and 4th-grade child and they had so much fun. The lessons were delivered in a fun and informative way. Each day brought a new way of learning with four different learning activities and experiences.

Creatives Resources

Resources for Creatives

Converted Kit

The first one is from Converted Kit. They have created a safety net to help creatives with funds during this crisis. They are providing a financial assistance of 500.00 to anyone experiencing hardship from their business due to COVID_19 This would provide some relief from medical, childcare or grocery needs for a brief time. Please to be consider go to their site and fill out their form. The Creator Fund

Small Business Administration 

This is a federal disaster loan created for small businesses, private nonprofits and those struggling in their business or experiencing a loss from the pandemic of the Coronavirus. The amount the Small Business Administration will loan will depend on many factors once your loan application is submitted. Please go to the site and see what the qualifications are to apply for the loan.

The Artists’ Fellowship

The Artists’ Fellowship provides some emergency relief to professional artists and families in time of need, such as sickness, hardships and during this period with the Coronavirus. Artists are defined as those who create art for sale through various mediums as reported. Fine art are mediums such as art photography, drawing, painting, installations, video art and so forth. The need must be current and documented. Please go to this site for more information about applying for assistance.

The pandemic of COVID- 19 has impacted several businesses, organizations, and individuals globally. The emerging economics are reflecting the changing face of the economy. Most small businesses have had to adapt to other revenues of income or had to close for the unforeseeable future. The employment sector has seen a majority of employees working from home. Fortunately, there is some hope for those needing information regarding small business grants and loans., a free web finance resource provides guidance and free resources relating to federal benefits, amid the CARES ACT that was passed to provide financial assistance to individuals, and small business owners. also provides you with the resources to navigate all the financial options that may be best suited for you. I am not affiliated with them in any way, however the site is filled with a lot of great information about resources you can benefit from now. This link will lead you to their page for more information on how to navigate your financial future in this social-economic time.

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