family playing in grass. Pennsylvania

My beautiful family

My beautiful family

Hi, I am Charmaine.

A year after my youngest was born, I discovered that I really wanted to document her life. Like my first two, I had my phone out documenting each step and smile. However I also wanted to be able to capture her personality to print big her images. That is when I fell in love with I love capturing childhood connection and families.

With my kids, I love a hands off approach which often means that I will document whatever activity they are doing at the time. These are the moments that I want to capture for you. I love capturing families in their element whether at home or outdoors. These pictures are what will remind us of what life use be. I think every parent should have at least one picture of themselves and their kids that makes them pause and reflect. 

Mother and daughter in Allentown, PA


  • Mother of three kids
  • I love TEA! I am from England after all, I also really love chocolate and spicy foods.
  • I am a registered nurse and love caring for my patients.
  • I really love photographing kids and would love families to be relaxed and carefree,
  • Love Target, books and baking cookies
  • I love giving my kids kisses and hugs.
  • I hate scary movies, I really do not like to be scared lol. but LOVE comic books, sci-fi and action movies and goofy shows
  • I love being outdoors and curling up in a big comfortable couch.

Lehigh Valley and Surrounding Areas Photographer

Modern Teen Style Magazine



“Charmaine is a natural at this. Her work is beautiful! She knows how to capture the beauty in a moment. She caught my husband in some of his natural, happy, real smiles that I adore- and others haven't been able to as consistently. Her pics commemorate an extremely special moment for us, surpassing my expectations.
She's extremely generous, amiable, and responds promptly to your requests.”

Serving the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas of Easton, Bethlehem, Allentown, Pennsylvania